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Best-Selling author, Paul Lemon, is passionate about offering a new low-stress way to make money work for you instead of being a source of confusion and worry.

Tap into his 32 years of professional experience and you’ll see how his system can finally empower YOU to harness money to support your unique life.

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Ahoy, Money! offers a whole new way of relating with money that puts YOU in control.

A worksheet at the end of each chapter offers you the opportunity to take this compelling new philosophy and let it transform your experience with money.

The combination of story, financially relevant advice, poetry and passion for true financial freedom give this book a unique voice and a message about money that is sorely needed.


Now you can quickly and easily...

Chart your course, step-by-step, from wherever you are to a healthy relationship with money and true financial freedom


• Identify and break free of old money patterns


Discover a new, refreshing way to manage all ten aspects of your personal finances

• Assess your overall financial condition

Calculate exactly what you need to save in order to retire comfortably

• Create a natural and easy-to-follow cash flow budget that supports your unique life goals

Find lasting relief from stress and anxiety surrounding the money issues previously inhibiting you

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8 Webinar recordings from Ahoy, Money!
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author, Paul Lemon
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Let Paul Lemon, author of best-seller Ahoy, Money! walk you through each chapter step-by-step in this 8 part recorded webinar. This is an invaluable bonus and only available to Ahoy, Money! customers.


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Now for only $25, get Paul Lemon's acclaimed Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening home study course-an essential companion of Ahoy, Money! toward the creation of your own financial plan...

Paul Lemon created the Ten Weeks To Financial Awakening home study course to literally walk you through every step of your journey to your own authentic financial plan.

The program is literally worth several thousand dollars if you were to get a Certified Financial Planner to help you -- and you'd still have to do a lot of the work, so why not get Paul's Ten Weeks program and do it a bit at a time to save yourself a ton of money and empower yourself to take control?

You get:

  • 705 Page Guidebook
  • 4 Instructional CDs that guide you step-by-step through the creation of your own financial plan using Quicken.
  • 123 Page Workbook containing duplicate copies of all the forms in the 705 page guidebook (useful for your spouse or partner to work the program with you, or if you prefer not to write in the main guidebook).

This System will help you to:

  • Understand your relationship to money and what you really want in life.
  • Establish an organizational system to keep all the paper from suffocating you.
  • Set up and manage my finances with Quicken software - successfully.
  • Make informed money decisions about work, debt, investing, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning by using the Quicken "What if Event Analysis" feature.
  • Keep your personal financial plan updated with changes that occur in your life.
  • Experience happiness and contentment by learning to "ground" with your money.
  • NOTE: The TEN WEEKS CDs Require the
    Windows (PC) Version of Quicken Deluxe 2007.

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